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Are you ready for some farm fun? These 10 simple literacy and math centers will have kids clucking with excitement and asking for moo-re!

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Farm Themed Activities Setup

For this activity pack you will need:




Playdough or other manipulatives


Clips or wooden pegs

Paperclip to use as spinner or prepared plastic spinners

Writing and coloring tools – crayon, pencil, etc

Optional but recommended: Laminator and dry erase markers for use in a center and increasing durability

Below are some of the supplies I use personally at home. After doing so many printable activities, I’ve found that it’s most helpful to always have these basic supplies on hand.

If you don’t have the materials needed, don’t sweat! You can get it delivered to your doorstep really quickly with Amazon Prime. You can get a 30-day free trial here.

Printable Farm Literacy and Math Centers

This pack contains a variety of 10 themed centers that will develop literacy, early math and fine motor skills.

Games included:

1) Farm Shape Mats – Use pompoms, playdough balls or other manipulatives to form various shapes.

2) Farm Number Puzzle Strips – includes puzzle for 1-10, 11-20, skip counting 2s and 5s

3) On The Farm Themed Ten Frame Mats

4) Chicken Spin and Rainbow Write – Can be used with plastic spinner or paperclip and pencil combination. If a number has been written already, use a different crayon/dry erase marker to write over it again making a rainbow number!

5) Feed the Chicken Count and Draw Cards – Print these out and get kids to draw the correct number of feed or use with manipulatives like corn kernels

6) Eggs Alphabet Order Strips – Each strip has a set of 5 letters. Kids will determine if the letters are in the correct order then choose the thumbs up or down.

7) Cow Alphabet Matching – upper and lowercase letter cards that can be used on its own, in a sensory tub or in an alphabet hunt around the room.

8) Lettuce Letters Pick and Cover – ‘harvest’ a lettuce card, find it on the playing mat and cover. Repeat until all lettuce letters have been harvested.

 9) Sybil the Sheep Syllable Clip Cards – Kids will determine if the object shown has 1,2 or 3 syllables and use fine motor skills to clip the correct answer with a wooden peg or clothespin.

10) Farm Playdough Letter Mats – 2 versions included for uppercase letters. You can also use other things to fill in the letter space instead of playdough of course.


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