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I love how clip cards are engaging activities that work on more than one crucial skill at the same time – counting and developing fine motor muscle strength. All the clip cards in this collection are perfect for spring and summer learning.

This collection of clip cards sets will help your child work on counting and developing fine motor muscle strength all throughout spring and summer.
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Counting Clip Cards Setup

For this activity you will need:

Wooden pegs or clothespins
Optional: laminator

If you don’t have the materials needed, don’t sweat! You can get it delivered to your doorstep really quickly with Amazon Prime. You can get a 30-day free trial here.

Playing This Fun Counting Game

Print out the set of clip cards you wish to use. I suggest to print them on thicker paper or cardstock for durability. You could also laminate them for repeated use in a classroom setting.

Once the individual cards have been prepped, just provide some wooden clips in a bowl. Your student will count the objects in the picture and place a clip at the right number.

If you don’t have wooden pegs, don’t worry! Just give your child something to mark the answer with like a mini eraser or a marker to circle their answer.

Reinforce one to one correspondence and help your child even more with this activity by providing some counters they can use. For each item they count, they will put one counter to cover it. This makes sure they don’t count the same thing twice. My son used to do this a lot!

Here’s the list of themed clip cards that are perfect for Spring and Summer. Just click on any of the links to be taken to the download page:

Count The Flowers

Count The Bees

Count The Raindrops

Count The Worms

Count The Kites

Count The Bunnies

Count The Frogs

Count The Fireflies

Count The Petals

Count The Fish

Count The Chickens

Count The Crabs

Count The Watermelon Seeds

Count The Chocolate Chips

Count The Marshmallows

Pair Up These Spring and Summer Math Activities

If you’re looking for more printable math and literacy activities for Spring, check out my pack of 10 Bugs and Butterflies Centers here.

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Looking for digital task cards?

If you’re using digital task cards in your classroom, you’ll be glad to know I have the Boom Cards version of all these games available in my Boom Learning shop (under Kool Kids Games) or in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Each one is sold individually but you’ll save a lot of money by buying the whole Counting 1-10 Spring/Summer Boom Cards Bundle.


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