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This fruit and vegetable activity pack will teach preschoolers about healthy eating. It’s useful for opening up a discussion about making better eating choices and how some junk foods can be prepared in a more healthy way. It will also expose them to fruits and vegetables that they may not have tried before and help with reducing picky eating.

Preschool fruit and vegetable activity pack of 5 printable games
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Set it up

  • Paper and printer

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Clothes pins or clips

  • Optional: laminator to make the games reusable

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Preschool fruit and vegetable activity pack of 5 printable games
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Start it up

The first game is a shadow matching game to develop visual discrimination. There isn’t really any prep work involved with this worksheet. Just cut out either the food pictures or shadow pictures and let your child have a go.

The second game will help with identifying beginning sounds. You could either cut them up as individual clip cards or just have your child mark the correct letter. Mr. R and I prefer using clothespins or paper clips as it adds a fine motor component to the game.

The third game is fruit and vegetable BINGO. I have included a few variations of the game that you could try. It comes with 2 different BINGO cards so you could use this game if you have more than one child. It also has the BINGO call sheet included.

The next game is a fruit and vegetable sorting game. Again, very simple to prepare – just cut out the pictures and ask the child to sort them into the correct column.

I sat down with Mr. R while he was doing this activity to make sure he could identify all the pictures. He managed this worksheet quite easily even though he tried to sneak French fries into the vegetable column as potatoes. Cheeky boy!

Finally, there is a fruit and vegetable I Spy activity. There are 5 activities in the whole pack.

Preschool fruit and vegetable activity pack of 5 printable games
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It so happened that they were learning about healthy food that week at preschool when I did these games with Mr. R so he could tell me why certain foods weren’t good for him, which was amazing!

I always try to get my son to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Admittedly, this was much easier when he was younger and didn’t have much input as to what he wanted to eat, but we are still doing a great job of this.

Games like these keep the topic of healthy eating fresh so that there is always a chance to remind him why it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables.

Level up

Here’s a challenge for your child, yourself and the rest of the family: to eat as many of the fruits and vegetables pictured in the games this week. It’s not too hard of a challenge, right?

Feel free to substitute any other fruit and vegetable that you like or are trying to get your kids into. Do you think your family can eat 10 different ones?

More Fruit and Vegetable Themed Centers

Like this? Then you’ll love my 10 Fruit and Vegetable Themed Literacy and Math Centers.

Games included:

1) Coconut Read It, Write It, Make It Mats – The mat can be laminated and you can write any word you choose on it. I have also included 40 pre-primer sight words that you can use.

2) Lemon Letter Writing Strips – uppercase letters included.

3) Peas and Carrots Alphabet Matching – 2 piece puzzles can be used on its own, in a sensory tub or as an alphabet hunt around the room.

4) Picnic Basket Syllable Sorting – 24 picture cards included that need to be sorted into 1, 2 or 3 syllables

5) Pineapple Pick and Cover Letters – Pick up a letter card and find it on the pineapple themed mat. Continue playing until all letters have been covered.

6) Watermelon Counting Clip Cards – Kids will work on counting up to 20 as well as improve their fine motor skills in this game.

7) Fruit and Vegetable Simple Sums to 10 – Set of 12 addition cards and another set of 12 subtraction cards included with a recording sheet.

8) Fruit and Vegetable Color Clip Cards – Use a wooden peg or clothespin to match the color of the fruit or vegetable shown

9) Fruit and Vegetable Measurement Cards – Set of 12 picture cards included with recording sheet

10) Fruit and Vegetable Number Puzzle Strips – Puzzles for 1-10, 11-20, skip counting by 2s and 5s included.

Check it out for more ready-to-go fun!

My Fruit and Vegetable Alphabet Pack would also be a great follow up to this. It develops literacy skills and fine motor ability.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a fruit or vegetable. This exposes little kids to a wider vocabulary and ignites interest in finding out about ones they have not heard about before.

Each letter comes with a set of 8 activities, which means the pack contains a total of more than 200 worksheets! You can check it out on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. There is a free preview for Letter A that you can download there as well.


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